Why would someone prefer relocate for a job?

If you were offered a job in another city which needs to relocate—would you make the move?

Or, if you are unsuccessful in job hunt in local due to lack of opportunities, what are your other choices?

Who would you think prefer to be in local & who would you think make a move to other locations for work?

Let’s get more into situations where many job seekers struggle in making decisions.

“Deciding to relocate for a job is a personal decision and is literally different for everyone because not everyone’s situation is the same,” says chief HR executive Rosemary Haefner from career builder.

So prepare questions and ask yourself before you relocate for a job. It may be a good decision for someone who is in a position to move their life to a new area without much disruption, for example, someone who is early in their career. On the flip side, someone later in their career, or someone with a family, may have more ties to their current city and while it is not necessarily a bad decision to relocate, “it may take more planning actually to do it” like quality of life; excellent opportunity to earn more, job growth are among major perspectives.

If your move to some location for a job only because of existence of your friends or family, you may miss out perfect career opportunity and getting over comfortable is your career-kill.

Many Job Seekers encounter these questionnaire even from interviewer. And please make a note of your primary reason and make it appealing for your needs. Don’t say anything which might lead them to believe that you’re only relocating because you feel it’s being forced on you.

If we look at statistical results collected among 5000 job seekers in Houston (metropolis) on their applications made, we found that 76% of people are can able commute up to 25 miles, 19% can drive up to 50 miles and 7% can travel to till 75 miles & these survey went on US permanent residents. These surpassed 100% because survey responders has multiple choices to make.

While on other look at foreign workers of 1000 applicants (H1s and EADs) in Houston, came to see reverse statistics where 78% can relocate anywhere in country and among 18% of people are acceptable to both relocation and preferably wants a local position, while 22% of people can commute only move up to 25 miles.

The following article may help you to decide your uproot to another place, and think in different instances.

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