UNT highlights for prospective international students

It is to help prospective international students who are keen on going to the University of North Texas at Denton and to create an understanding among the students about the university education and extra activities. We are giving students a short UNT highlights on each well-known university level activities.

The University of North Texas (UNT) is one of the biggest universities with 35 – 40 thousand student enrollments by fall every year in the Texas state. It teaches how to exercise prudence along with the education. It is a public research university dedicated to achieving higher standards in education while improving its quality.

Awards & Highlights: The University of North Texas environmental philosophy program has been recognized as the best in the world and it has many other specialties. It has one of the best music colleges in the USA and the programs of the college right from early music to that observes are internationally acclaimed. I think UNT is really special because it’s been expanding a lot in recent years, the football program has really increased to tenfold in a skill and talent, and I know the amount of students that are going to the university has actually gone up a large percentage as well. The new Student Union is about to be finished and that honestly I think it’s a place that with a lot of great opportunities for people to come together and really do something special.

The online MBA program of the university offered in distance education mode received the acclaim as one of the top 15 best by programs. The university has been getting elected as one of the top 100 colleges for the past 19 years. The Princeton Review chose varsity as one of the best university among the best qualities, and as per the US News & World Report of statistic the medical librarianship graduate program ranked first in the Texas state, and six in the USA. As per the report statistics, another program of the University – Master program in the public administration has ranked number one in the Texas state and eighth in the USA.

History: The University was first founded in 1890 as Texas normal College and Teachers Training Institute. Subsequently the name was changed many times and finally in 1988 it was changed to University of North Texas. Over a period of time the university grew and ranked number one in many aspects with the help of eleven colleges under the University.

Courses: The colleges has been offering degrees in several majors in many concentrations and minor certificates within the purview of the majors. It also has several endorsement and professional programs.

University of North Texas is the largest university in the North Texas region in the Dallas-fort worth area that offers 99 bachelors programs, 83 masters programs and 36 doctoral programs. In particular Dallas Fort Worth is the fourth largest city in the United States, which as one highlight that makes UNT as one of the largest universities in the United States.

For computer science students, it has totally six degree programs that are ABET accredited. That tells it has bachelor’s degrees in information technology, Computer Engineering and computer science. At the Masters level it has both computer science and computer engineering and PhD in computer science and engineering.

Job Opportunities: The current university students says, UNT on-campus jobs are in large amounts with good pay, so they don’t have to work off-campus which is actually illegal to work. Many international students can pay their rent by working on campus itself. There are many more opportunities coming for on-campus jobs and since there are not many students. There are more research opportunities and TA jobs and RA jobs are more available.  So we would recommend international students to come here and grab as much as opportunity they can, because a lot of things are available in UNT and wish them a good luck for their future.

Research: The University of North Texas is a popular research university renowned in home country and abroad. The research done at the university is useful in offering effective solutions to global logistic problems, environmental problems, arising out of the vehicle air pollution, improved quality of water and so on.

Industry: Industry University Cooperative Research Center (IUCRC), what that means is the center lead by NSF that brings together different academic institution students and companies, State/Federal/Local government and non-profits. With that help, UNT has been collaborated with local big companies like Texas instruments, Raytheon, AMD and other out of state companies that’s going on a complete list we don’t have are partnered with, So that they do research on interest of those companies.

Library: The library is a store house of lakhs of materials both in print and non-print, these include periodicals and electronic information sources. The library is equipped with the state-of-the-art computers and other technological devices. It has several documents useful for students study and research besides several works stored in audio and video formats. It is situated in Denton campus. The Eagle Commons library has stored several government documents and also information related to political science, legal, trade and commerce departments.

Extra Activities: The university sports culture is worth mentioning, male students play games like basketball, football, golf, tennis, participate in cross-country events, and take part in track and field events while the female events interest in playing basketball, soccer, softball, swimming, diving, and take part in cross-country events, they also take part in track and field events and play volleyball besides intramural sports and club sports are also available for students.