Q: How long posted job stay live on the board?

Each Job can be posted for 15 days and are automatically taken down once the listing date has passed. Employers often mark the jobs filled or remove jobs before the listed deadline.

Q: Is there a charge for listing a job?

Employers are asked to Sign Up initially to get 15 free job listings and then upon the results, you may be notified to upgrade to post more jobs (plans are here)

Q: What kind of jobs are listed?

Jobs posted here are related to multiple categories/industries (list is here).

Q: Who can post a job?

Employers, Recruitment Agencies, Hiring Managers, Head Hunters and Human Resource Professionals.

Organizations can be private (Direct companies/Agencies), non-profit, government, non-governmental, or educational institutions. These type of organizations can post on this board even if the job itself is not related to these fields. For example, a non-profit conservation agency looking for a web developer. An organization not related to the above can post if the position is related to listed job categories. For example, a healthcare company may seek  a IT web developer.


Q: How long does it take for my listing to appear?

Job posts appear immediately on job board and they are under monitoring by moderators to protect quality of our site.

Q: What if I need to edit or close a job listing?

Employers can EDIT or CLOSE them anytime they may want to. Job edited are lifted up on job board but not the posted time.

Q: Can you keep my job listing on the front page?

Jobs are listed in the order that they are received. As the above answer may be helpful to “bump up” job listing by making an edit/modification. However, users can browse jobs by category and those lists are shorter. Please do not continually edit the same job multiple times to keep it on the “front page” as this will effect other users on site.

Q: Do you save old expired job listings and its managed applications?

Yes, but certain period of time. One year would be most essential as we understand and after they may taken down.

Q: I have an application form, can I attach it to my job listing?

TEKstems Job Board has its own application management system. Otherwise, please include an URL to any forms that applicants need on job submission form.

Q: Can I use HTML code in Job Description?

No, you cannot use html code in your job description. It’s a simple text editor format with just certain built-in editing options.

Q. Can I list my job in more than one job category?

Yes, Employers can list one or more job categories related to job and can increase visibility on site.

Q. Can I list my job in more than one job type?

Yes, Employers can select more than one job type and better mention about it in job description.



Q. How do I apply for a job?

Follow the instructions in the listing. If there are no instructions, simply click on apply for job, fill application and submit.



Job Title: This appears on the top of job page.

Mapping (optional): Most Job seekers would show interest to browse jobs on maps here on Tekstems to let them find exact location. These maps are in-built here on jobs page with markers linked to job detail page.

Job Location: Select predefined region which actually appears on job page.

Job Type: Select type of job, options given are Full time, Part time, Contract W2, C2C, C2H, Independent.

Job Category: Select type of industry or industries where job is related.

Travel: Tell whether travel is needed during job perform.

  • Not required = Work sitting in one place.
  • occasional = 1 day every two weeks or 2-3 days every month or 1-2 months each year
  • 25% = 1-2 days each week or 1 week every month or 3 months each year
  • 50% = 2-3 days each week or 2 weeks every month or 6 months out of each year
  • 75% = 3-4 days each week or 3 weeks each month or 9 months each year
  • 100% = I hope you like the food in airports and drive-thru

Telecommute: Tell whether remote work is possible for job seekers.

Description:  Describe the job here. Can put application instructions in this field or Qualifications or Start date

Skills (optional): List key skills needed in a candidate profile that appears just below job title.

Application Email/URL: Enter your email where applications/resumes are received or can paste URL of your own application form.

Rate/Salary (optional): Minimum OR Maximum

Hours per week (optional): just put number – e.g. 40

External “Apply for Job” link (optional): Leave it blank if already have given your application URL link above.


Company details:

Company name: Enter name of company which you may have to represent while contacting candidate.

Website (optional): Link to your official website.

Twitter username (optional): @yourcompany – Link to your official company on twitter.